Meet the PopGrip

Our PopGrips guarantee a secure hold of your phone. Say hello to comfortable one-hand texting on the go, have fun taking the best selfies, all while flaunting your own unique style.


What is a PopGrip?

A phone grip. A phone stand. A chance to show off your style, whenever you want, however you want. You can even create your own design!

And they aren't just for your phone either. Use them on your tablet, e-reader, or gaming device for some extra comfort.

With the PopMount companion product, they stick to nearly any vertical surface, including dashboards, mirrors, and walls, for convenient hands-free viewing.

Talk about a life changer.

What is a PopTop?

The PopGrip is not your typical phone grip. You can change your style on the fly by simply changing out the disc at the top, we call it the PopTop.

Swapping is easy. All you have to do is collapse the grip, slide it 90 degrees, and voilá, you've entered a whole new dimension.

Mix, match, and make a statement.

How it works

Grip it, don't drop it

Stay calm knowing PopGrip will help prevent dropping your phone.

PopGrip and chill

Stand up your phone for easy breezy watching.

Give your hand a break

Instantly relax your hand while using your phone.

Picture perfect

Work your angles with comfort and master the art of selfie.

More ways to attach

You can attach PopGrips to your phone in various ways. Pick your favourite from our Adhesive Grips, MagSafe Grips and Slidable Grips.


How can I change the PopTop?

A PopTop is what we call the design part of the PopGrip. Now you can change the design of your PopGrip just by changing the top.

  1. Collapse your grip flat. Turn 90° in any direction until you hear a click.
  2. Now you can change out the top part to match your style.
  3. To reattach it, place the collapsed PopTop on the base. Turn 90° until you hear a click.

Will it stick to my case / phone?

To provide the best experience, we recommend using a smooth hard plastic case with our Grips and Wallets. The adhesive gel on these products may stick well to other surfaces, but we can't guarantee that it will stick as as securely as it does with a smooth hard plastic case.

Works best with:

  • Plastic cases (smooth hard surface)

  • May not work with:

  • Phones with no case: may not stick as well as with a suitable case
  • Silicone cases (and many soft cases)
  • Textured cases (leather, textile etc.)
  • Phones with glass surface
  • Phones with anti-fingerprint coated surface