Made with PlantCore™

What is PlantCore™?

PlantCore™ is a series of plant-based polymers made with corn starch, canola oil, and castor beans. PlantCore™ is used in our new cases as well as our grips, giving consumers a better option for a better planet.

Better Grip. Better Planet.

PlantCore™ Grip Custom is here

Introducing PlantCore™ to Custom Grips. The black and white accordions on our Custom Grips are now made of plant-based materials!

PlantCore™ Grip

Made with 1/3 plant-based materials for a lower carbon footprint.

PlantCore™ iPhone 14 Cases

PlantCore™ for People and Planet

PopSockets and European Foodbank Federation (FEBA) have joined forces to celebrate the power of plants and help provide a minimum of 10,000 servings of fresh fruits and veggies to families facing food insecurity.

Shop now to support communities in need. See below for details.

Support communities in need

PopSockets has joined with the European Foodbanks Federation (FEBA) to celebrate the power of plants and support families struggling to put food on the table.

2€ from your PlantCore™ Grip purchase helps provide 10,000 servings of high-quality fresh fruit and veggies to communities just like yours.

More about FEBA

Established in 1986 and based in Brussels, the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) is a European non-profit organisation and works in collaboration with a network of Full and Associate Members in 30 European countries.

In 2020 FEBA Full Members recovered, sorted, stored, and redistributed 860,000 tonnes of food to 12.8 million deprived people through the collaboration with 48,126 charitable organisations and thanks to the professionalism of 37,016 co-workers (85% volunteers).

From April 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023, for every PlantCore™ Grip item among the twelve existing colours and custom version sold in Europe on,,,,,,,, PopSockets will give 2€ with minimum guaranteed donation of 10.000 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to support the Plant Positivity program administered by European Food Bank Federation (FEBA), a charitable organisation with a mission to contribute to reduce food insecurity in Europe, through food waste prevention and the call for solidarity, by supporting and developing Food Banks in countries where they are most needed.